Revo Rhymes

Just for a bit of fun, Paul and I decided to put together a cheeky little booklet for Geoff and Anita at Revo Vapes (see main image).
The booklet follows the story of the Morley zombies, but this time in rhyme 🙂 as well as advertising Revo and it’s services.
We are both incredibly pleased that Geoff and Anita like the booklets, and it leaves us now wondering… just what can we do next?

If you would like to follow the story of Revo Vapes and The Battle of the Undead, then please click onto the relevant link below and it will take you to Amazon 🙂

The Battle of the Undead –

The Battle of the Undead –

Revo – The Battle of the Undead

Part 1: Eleven months ago, a virus spread across the world – The Necro Virus – and it turned pretty much everybody into a flesh-eating zombie. That was until scientists discovered a way to stop these urges, because who honestly wants a face muncher as a neighbour? The antidote? Vaping! There is something in vape juice that stops us all from losing our minds and going on a murderous rampage, which is great. What is not so great, however, the war of the vapes has now begun…

Part 2: In the small town of Morley things have changed. The Seven hills are rife with the deadly Necro Virus, and the locals are not the same anymore.
Large compounds have been erected to allegedly keep the virus contained, however some locals are not convinced that the government are being entirely truthful! Shock!
Things were bad enough before the initial infection, with zombies snacking on their nearest and dearest – but now the situation is much more dire.
A new strain has emerged and despite the anti-zombie vape juice that Revo have successfully created, some zombies have decided to go rogue. The juice cannot help them now, they are beyond that. They are faster, more aggressive and they are hungry!
It is now up to The Night Reapers to take care of these hideous beings and put a stop to the Meatheads once and for all.


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