Face Masks

So face masks must be worn inside shops from Friday 24th July, which is great news! But I am confused as to why people are waiting to wear them? And why it’s only required inside shops?
I popped out to the supermarket on Saturday, there was no queue to get inside, the shop was extremely busy and people were going about their business as though coronavirus had vanished forever.
Those same people are the ones that stand too close to you outside, walk past you coughing and spluttering and generally have no regard whatsoever for your health, or evidently, their own.
Now, not everybody is like this, there are plenty of sensible people wearing masks, social distancing etc, but the ones that do neither of those things concern me.
So why are we not made to wear masks whenever we are outside?
It just does not make sense to me.
Sure, they are warm, steam up your glasses and are a tad uncomfortable, but that’s all. Surely getting our world back to normal is worth a few moments of sweaty face – isn’t it?


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