Bad Manners….Grrrrrr!

One thing (of many) that drives me crazy, is bad manners!
People that cannot say a simple please or thank you – makes my blood boil!

Never has this been so frustrating to me as these past few weeks.

We had decided to redecorate and change the majority of our wooden furniture, and with our new items arriving fairly quickly we put our other furniture up for free, collection only. OMG!

The messages that I received made my head spin.

Some of what I did receive:

I’m coming now send me your postcode (not even a hi or a please)
Send me your address (not even a hi or a please)
I want this (not even a hi or a please)
I want this, you deliver to me today (not even a hi or a please)
Still available? (not even a hi or a please)

If you are able to type that you want the item, then I am absolutely certain that you can say hello, please and thank you.
It is isn’t difficult to be polite, and just because an item is listed for free does not not mean that you can behave so ignorantly.

The good news is that I did eventually receive some nice, well mannered messages and our old items of furniture now have new homes.

My faith in good manners has been restored!

Another person that could do with some help in regards to manners is the main character in my ‘Winging It’ series – Tiffany Delamarre – she needs serious help!
If you want to check out why, please just follow the links below…

Deliciously Deceased – Amazon UK

Deliciously Deceased –


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