Signing my books

Okay, so here’s the thing – I’m not even moderately famous (boo hoo) for my writing, and believe me it’s not through lack of trying, but on occasion, I am asked to sign copies of my books – I know, crazy right! But the second that I am asked I seem to instantly forget how to use my brain.
I can never think of anything particularly witty to write, and so I just jot down the standard ‘thank you for your support, blah blah blah and squiggle my signature!

Wow! That’s memorable Em! NOT!

No amount of Googling has produced anything amusing for me to use in these moments, and so I find myself utterly stuck, my brain paused indefinitely on ‘thank you for your support’ BARF!
What is a girl to do?!

I can’t write anything sweet or poetic, because my books are the polar opposite of that – I don’t want to write anything creepy or weird, deeply profound or meaningful – I just want something faintly comical.

I can’t be the only writer that struggles with this, surely.
What are you writing when you sign your books? I won’t pinch it, I’m just curious.

I will keep pondering and update you once I figure out what to jot down in those random moments when I feel like an actual author.

Happy Sunday 🙂

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