Happy Birthday to me…

Well, birthdays in Lockdown are a bit pants aren’t they?!
I have however been spoilt rotten, so despite not being able to go out anywhere to celebrate, I have enjoyed receiving all of the lovely birthday messages that have been sent to me 🙂
My husband has treated me to a new Fitbit, which I really wanted, and it’s fab, I’ve taken the day off of work to just chill out, and my good friend Lisa has bought me the softest pink gloves EVER!
I know that things are weird for celebrations this year, maybe even next year too, so we just have to make the best of the situation and celebrate in whichever way we can, and then make up for it big time when we are allowed to do so.
I am looking forward to my hubs finishing work as I have a really yummy birthday tea planned, and because being in lockdown on you birthday, in the house all alone is boriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!! hahahaha!! – wonder if the hubs will let me get a puppy? – Mmmm, probs not!
Anyway, I have steps to get in, so I must get moving – hee hee.

Whatever you are doing to celebrate something special, I hope that you have a lovely time 🙂

Em x

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