Snowflake Trek

At work we are currently competing in a walking competition ‘Snowflake Trek’ and my legs are killing me!
So our team need to walk 240,000 steps by Christmas Eve to have completed the snowflake shaped trail.
The only thing is, your steps are averaged out across your team mates, so if they don’t also do their allotted 10k steps per day then you don’t move very far across said snowflake, and it’s a challenge when you are working from the sofa.
Luckily we have a great team and are on track to complete it well before Christmas Eve, as we have pushed past our daily goal to achieve decent results. We are currently in 4th place out of sixteen teams, which is great – though, if I do not emerge from this challenge looking like Lara Croft I will not be pleased :/
I have on my daily walk come across three times now a man with the cutest spaniels, and each time I stop and fuss them I worry that I am becoming the crazy woman that he must now avoid at all costs hahaha!! Maybe I should consider a different route to remove any possible awkwardness, but I really do love those dogs.
Anyway, the weekend is upon us, and I know that I can smash the steps again tomorrow (Saturday), but I am literally a sloth on a Sunday, so that’s going to be difficult.
Whatever you are doing, have a fab weekend,
Em x

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