Happy Anniversary

Today Paul and I have been married for eleven years! And as Paul says, he probably would have been given less time for murder (hee hee)!
So many funny little things happened on our wedding day – I forgot to put my stockings on, so my mum had to climb under my huge wedding dress with its gazillion layers of netting and put them on for me. (also, peeing is definitely a two woman job in a wedding dress).
Paul sent his best man all the way back to our home so that he could pick up Paul’s mobile phone – not sure who he was planning to answer the phone to, mid vows.
I got the train of my wedding dress stuck in the car door and ended up with a big black greasy blob on my white dress – yikes!
I panicked for weeks leading up to the big day that I would trip over on my walk down the aisle – I needn’t have bothered worrying, because I did trip anyway – oops! Thankfully it wasn’t a massive tumble and I recovered it nicely.
A random person took a photograph of Paul and I, which makes me wonder – where is that photo now?
My Grandad threw confetti over us before the photographer was ready and he was fuming (hee hee) but we thought it was hilarious, and it is actually my favourite photo of the entire day (pictured). We were at the point where smiling for photos was becoming a little forced, so it was perfect timing.
Had we married the week after, as we originally planned, it would have snowed at our winter wedding 😦
We forgot to cut the cake before we went off on our mini honeymoon – my dad text me to let me know and we had to cut it when we got back.
Despite the little hiccups it was a fantastic day, and just proves that there is no point worrying, if something is going to go wrong, it will go wrong – it’s all about enjoying the moment and not stressing about the small things.
Here’s to another eleven years – unless he kills me first 🙂 hahahaha 🙂

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