Asylum is finally here!

After what seems like forever, and a whole bunch of curse words being thrown at the new Kindle Create platform, Asylum is now available!! Yippeee!!
I am now going to drown myself in Martini and sigh 🙂

Asylum is available via Amazon , in both eBook and paperback formats. (links for & .com are below)

Enjoy 🙂

Waking in Melrose Manor Psychiatric Hospital, Emily Baxter is shocked to discover that she stands accused of the death of her mother, and that her father has all but abandoned her.
As Emily struggles to recall any memories of her life prior to Melrose Manor, she remains adamant that she is not the cause of her mother’s death, she is not crazy, and she will prove her innocence, even if it breaks her. Facing the possibility of never being freed, and enduring daily abuse at the hands of the nursing staff, Emily must stay strong if she is to fight back and escape.
Emily has many questions, but each one is met with more lies, more confusion and more abuse.
Is her mother really dead?
Would her father have had her committed to a mental asylum?
Why can’t she remember anything?
Can she trust anyone? 
Melrose Manor – the nightmare has just begun…

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