What’s up doc?

Paul and I have become parents! To the most adorable bunnies ever!

Shaggy and Scooby (pictured) are house bunnies, free roaming, and they are great. I had thought that before they arrived I had successfully bunny proofed the house – oh how wrong I was. It seems this cheeky little pair, Scooby in particular (the plain black one) can sniff out cables like I can sniff out cheesy wotsits, and we have spent the past four days following them around covering up and barricading absolutely everything!

They are great though, and even have their own Instagram account @scoobyandshaggy2021

I absolutely love our new bunnies, though I don’t think they will like me too much when it’s neutering and vaccination time, but lots of cuddles will hopefully fix that:)

Welcome to the family guys xx ❤

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