Tiffany – the goodie you love to hate

I am still working my way through Decadently Discontinued – book 5 in my Winging It series – (the last ever Tiffany book) and I think that I am purposely taking my time with it because secretly I don’t want it to end.
Tiffany has been a great character to write, and it will be strange to not have a Tiffany plot or one liner in my head for her.
There are plenty of other great characters in the books however, and who knows, maybe I could do a spin off with them?
Either way, Tiffany has been fab, and I for one will miss her.

Book 1 – Deliciously Deceased:
Tiffany Delamarre has it all. The good looks, the money, the designer clothes, but when this is all snatched from her in the most brutal of ways she is not impressed! Finding herself dead and stuck in Heaven with a bossy angel that clearly despises her, a major ban on coffee and make up products and surrounded by plebs is just not Tiffany’s idea of a good time. Her situation soon becomes more dire however when she is told that she has a murderer to find. Will she be able to stop this crazed killer in time? Or will she become the reason that more people are killed? The only thing that Tiffany Delamarre knows for certain: Heaven sucks!

Book 2: Delectably Departed:
Tiffany Delamarre is very rich and very dead and she is on the case again. Pearl Beauty Spa & Detox Centre must be stopped! The owner is on the run, the products are lethal, and Jodie a friend of Tiffany’s boss is booked in for the full works at the behest of her pleb boyfriend Dwight. Can Tiffany locate the owner and put a stop to this madness? Can she get Jodie away from her loser boyfriend and save her life not only from the fatal beauty products, but also from Dwight’s cruel hands? She has a lot to do and limited time in which to do it. Surely then the Devil would not be of much help – would he?

Book 3: Dynamically Dead:
Tiffany Delamarre is dead and very much in demand! Finding herself once more assigned to a case of great mystery, she must work out why single ladies are being kidnapped from the newest and hottest place in town, L.U.V. With no leads and thankfully no bodies, Tiffany finds herself in a bit of a quandary. She must once again go undercover in a role that is so not to her liking… Tiffany Delamarre a hopeless, desperate singleton… Hardly!

Book 4: Delightfully Defunct:
When Tiffany accepted her fourth case since being murdered, she did not expect that it would involve actual dead bodies! Once again determined to solve the case and impress the ever-unimpressionable Celestia, Queen Bee of all things, well, celestial, Tiffany is less than impressed that she is to be sent undercover in a funeral home. How on earth is she supposed to work out which student is chopping up corpses and evenly distributing the severed limbs into already occupied coffins? How will her Jimmy Choos survive, not to mention her well-manicured nails? Tiffany Delamarre an embalming student? Hardly!

Book 5: Decadently Discontinued – ONGOING

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