Covid jab 1

Yesterday I had AstraZeneca jab part 1 and it wasn’t so bad to be honest. I waltzed in smiling and waltzed back out again still smiling, then the hubs and I went litterbox shopping for the bunnies (crazy bunny parents), we had a nice relaxing afternoon, ordered a takeaway and then BAM!

Freeze overload!

The side effects of my jab decided to make their presence known right in the middle of Tom Hardy’s movie Capone and I was not pleased – firstly because I hate being cold, and secondly because nothing should ever ever ever interrupt Tom Hardy. EVER!

Anyway, fluffy pyjamas, fluffy dressing gown, two blankets and a hot water bottle did nothing to warm me up, so Tom remained interrupted, GGRRRR. Thankfully the shivers only lasted for a few hours, something that I’m sure my poor long suffering husband was grateful for – (yes he did bring me the hot water bottle, cold flannel for my forehead and had to listen to me moaning for an absolute age) and I was happy to climb into bed and get snuggled up. I’m also sure that Paul was glad when when I buggered off to bed – hee hee. I am not a good patient!

Morning – I realised upon waking that I had not only forgotten to remove my makeup before getting into bed, but I had also forgotten to brush my teeth (eewwww) yep, I was a total hottie this morning, NOT! Other than my arm feeling like it’s been punched repeatedly during the night, and feeling a little woolly headed, I now feel okay. I am not however getting dressed, and plan to spend my day talking like an utter loon to the bunnies and watching Netflix. We are currently watching Hemlock Grove and it’s brill, you can’t unsee Pennywise though once you realise that one of the main characters Roman played him in IT – creepy bloody clowns – aarrggghhh!

So how to sum up the covid jab?

One hundred percent worth a few hours of chills, and missing Tom Hardy (maybe) because I would hate to experience the real effects of Coronavirus.

Stay safe folks (and watch Tom Hardy) 🙂

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