What shall I do with my life today? 
How can I pass some hours away? 
I can’t hit the gym and sweat in style,
so I’ll stay in my jim jams with Jeremy kyle.

Should I clean the house until it gleams? 
Fully load that washing machine? 
Or get my snacks and just stay put? 
Watch some telly, update Facebook?

It’s dull at home all on my tod, 
I’ve exercised, where’s my hot bod? 
I’ve cleaned the loo and vacced the floor, 
I truly cannot take much more.

I’ve plumped the cushions a thousand times,
written fifteen random rhymes.
I’ve boiled the kettle to make my tea, 
just for the excitement of needing to pee.

I’ve been vaccinated, part one anyway,
and yet in my house I’m destined to stay.
I’ve flouted no rules, I’ve been really good,
worn my fancy mask, just like I should.

Please give me a break, I’m begging of you, 
I’m now at a loss of what else I can do. 
My days are now endless, 
never ending, so dull,
isolated and bored, Covid, screw you!

Written by Emma L Beal

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