Come on in…

The headline of a news article that I came across recently reads as follows:

People are furiously debating whether it’s ‘anti-feminist’ for men to open doors for women

And I have to ask, who are the people that are debating this simple act of politeness?
What is the alternative – you get a door bouncing off of your chops because men are now too scared to do anything that may cause offense? Mmm, I’ll take the open door thanks!

Now in this same article it goes on to say that men opening doors for women ‘implies that you believe women are incapable of doing things for themselves and that you view them as incompetent.’
I’m fairly certain that it shows nothing of the sort and it is in fact just an open door.
Will women no longer hold doors open for men? – after all would that not be implying that they too believe men are incompetent and unable to do things for themselves?
I think there will be a lot of people being hit with doors if this madness is to continue.

I genuinely do feel sorry for the male of our species, they can’t do right for doing wrong at the moment.

I am proud to say that the males in my family would happily open a door for a woman, and I know with absolute certainty that it isn’t because they think a woman couldn’t do it herself – they do it because it is polite, kind, proper – not because they have an agenda or are chauvinistic – it really is just an open door.


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