Mini Meltdown

So last night I went to bed stressing about how to stop the rabbits going behind the new sofas, and I could think of nothing that I could do about it as I drifted off – but this morning, with a lovely crick in my neck from not sleeping properly – due to thinking about the blooming bunnies and the blooming sofa, I decided to go to Wilkos and see if they had anything that I could use.
I settled on two of those bamboo garden things that you can use to make a decorative border in your garden, as they are bendy and long enough to stretch around the space that I needed to cover.
I also purchased two lovely yellow throws – to protect our new sofas from the cannibal bunnies.
This is where the mini meltdown began – as I pulled my purse out to pay, I realised in absolute horror that my bank card was missing!
I searched all through my purse and my handbag – becoming more and more stressed as I went, and all under the watchful eyes of the now rapidly growing queue. Where was my bloody card!
Embarrassed, I asked the cashier to save my shopping while I ran (jokes – I don’t run) to Morrisons, where I had to queue forever in the customer service queue – only to be told that no card had been handed in.
By now I’m having mental images of some crook going on a spending frenzy with the Beal’s hard earned cash, and I began to panic even more!
What if they bought something really shady and it looked like I did it?
What if they used my card in some dodgy underground, black market deal, with some crazed drug cartel and I went to prison, FOREVER!
Beyond upset now I called my husband in tears, overwhelmed and stressed to the max about the missing card – Paul tried to calm me down, but I was beyond that – I was definitely going to jail and there was nothing I could do about it!
Off the phone now, I put my mobile down and it suddenly dawned on me – I had a new phone case!
Why is this relevant? Well, it’s relevant because Paul had asked me to pop to the shops for him yesterday, and I had just grabbed my phone, keys and my bank card and headed out. On the way back I shoved my bank card into my phone case and completely forgot about it when I changed covers that night! DUH!
I ran (again, not really) to the shop, reclaimed my shopping, rabbit proofed the sofas and tucked my bank card back into it’s little slot in my purse, all the while sighing with immense relief that I had thankfully avoided prison! Phew!

Note to self – take handbag next time and chill on the dramatics!

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