Covid Jab – Round 2!

So yesterday I had my second dosing of the AstraZeneca vaccine, and I thought that I had gotten away with having any side effects – boy was I wrong!
As you will recall I had my first jab back in Feb, and as you’ll also recall within five hours I had a crazy temperature, mega shivers, headache and a pissy attitude because the side effects were interrupting movie night – and we were watching Tom Hardy! – I was not pleased.
Well, five hours passed yesterday with not even a whisper of a headache, so we settled down with our snacks to watch ‘Wonder Woman’, ‘Superman – Man of Steel’, and ‘Batman V’s Superman’ – which in my opinion is a ridiculous idea as Batman does not actually have any super powers, though he does have a decent array of gadgets and crime fighting paraphernalia – but, he still needed Kryptonite to fight Superman – #cheating! My husband disagrees as he is a huge Batman fan, where as I am team Superman all the way – I guess we will have to agree to disagree.
Anyway – we were well into the movie when BAM! – the headache and chills appeared and once again movie night was interrupted! I headed off to my bed, all but abandoning the insanely delicious Henry Cavill, but knowing that Superman is and always will be a proper superhero that doesn’t need to play dirty!
Sorry husband!
Moral of story – don’t plan jabs on movie night!
(Sorry Tom and Henry – my bad)!

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