Book Research

We finally made it to Whitby!
We couldn’t find anywhere to stay, so it was only a day trip, but it was perfect.

We parked in the top carpark, near the Abbey, as part of the journey that one of my characters makes involves the infamous 199 steps – yep, we are totally regretting that now – well, our legs are anyway!

Paul and I managed to walk the entire route that my character takes, which was great for visual research, and of course we had fish and chips and a lemon topped ice-cream on the way – I mean it would be rude not to 🙂
I struggled to find a tourist map in any of the shops, but by chance happened upon a little machine that spews them out for a quid – winner winner chippy dinner!
I’ve taken plenty of photographs for my visual story board, and I’m raring to go now.

Thankfully we missed the rain that was forecast, and despite it being a little cloudy the weather was actually quite nice. So much so that we both ditched our coats (especially on the return journey up the steps)!
199 steps doesn’t really sound a lot, but they are a killer on the legs – god only knows how the pall bearers used to carry coffins up them!

I also found the perfect house for my main character – so whoever lives there in real life, thank you for having the perfect home! I will definitely try my best to do it justice in my description.

Thank you Whitby – it was a pleasure as always – hope to see you again soon!

Em x

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