It’s in the eye!

Before I begin let me apologise for the scary picture (yikes)!
Not flattering at all – but I was mid mini crisis to be fair :/

Yesterday I was painting a rock, and the tube of black acrylic paint that I was using just exploded into my face – I can only assume that there was a blockage of some kind, and when I squeezed it the blockage became undone – right into my eyeball!
(the pic is after the first washing of said eyeball) – it took a while!

Yes I absolutely panicked – and raced to the sink like a woman possessed – desperately washing out my eye. It was not a particularly pretty sight.
Paul then had to wipe paint from my actual eyeball and under my eyelid – GROSS!
I’m okay with touching my own eyes – but when somebody else does it, well, it’s pretty weird.

I am now planning my next rock, but I don’t think it will be black paint that I will be using – I threw that tube away anyway while I was having a hissy fit.
The exploding tube broke the trust bond that I thought we had.

I really hope my rocks make people happy after all of this hahahaha!!!

Have a great week,
Em x

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