Positively Tropical!

Something crazy has happened in the UK!
The weather has gone nuts!

As Brits, we are not used to heat – really.
We are used to rain, rain and more rain.
Cold winds and rosy cheeks.
Winter coats and woolly hats.

But now, OMG, now, the weather that we have become acclimatised to has been turned on it’s head – and we cannot cope. Well, I may be speaking out of turn here, as there are some people that love this hot weather – they relish it – but me – dear god, no!

Today has been 28 degrees Celsius, which is a staggering 82.4 degrees Fahrenheit!
It’s like living in a blooming oven.
I’m no good with hot weather – never have been, but even less so since the menopause struck me early – now I have additional hot flushes to contend with. The struggle is real folks.
Most people dream of relocating to a nice hot country, where as I am thinking the North Pole would be a wiser decision – for myself at least.

Our poor rabbits, Betty and Wilma have become obsessed with the fan – they literally lay in front of it all day long, because like their momma, they too are fed up of this heat.

Paul and I have also decided to start going for walks on a weekend, and I am praying that this weather has calmed the hell down by Saturday. I never tan, I just turn crispy, so if it rains instead I will be happy.
On the subject of walking, my legs never see the light of day – like I say I never tan, so what’s the point. But, I have bought some new shorts for our treks, which is great – what’s not so great is that my legs are whiter than white, they literally glow in the dark. (slight exaggeration, but you know what I mean).
So, I’ve bought myself some of that gradual tan moisturiser stuff – and they are still blinking white!
How long does it take? Do I need multiple applications before I venture out into the world?
Will I have summer glow legs in time for the weekend?
Or will our fellow walkers be blinded by my pins?

Oh how I miss black tights and stomper boots!

Well, obviously I’ll let you know – if I haven’t been arrested for something shady in regards to the improper use of brighter than white legs that is!

Have a good one folks!

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