Weekend Walking

Well, the good news is I didn’t get arrested for blinding walkers with my whiter than white legs – because the Dove visible glow worked! It did leave some rather questionable orange streaking on said legs, and don’t even get me started on my feet (they are clean, honest) – but they look okay – sort of.
I think though I’m going to ditch the gradual tanner and just be pale – it’s much less faffy.

Our walk today was lovely – we racked up seven miles in total, and I think for beginners that’s okay.
We had a little picnic by the canal and also finally found the nature reserve (after getting lost a few times).
We were both really disappointed with the nature reserve because it was just covered in litter, so we struggled to find anywhere that we could just sit down and have a relaxing five minutes.
– Seriously people, take your rubbish home with you!

We left three rocks today, but sadly I forgot to take my short story ‘Lost’ with us – which I also normally leave for people to find – but there will be other walks that I can do this on.

All in all it’s been a lovely day – streaky legs and all!

Have a fab weekend,
Em x

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