Rodley Nature Reserve

Paul and I have once again been out on our mini travels, leaving rocks and racking up steps.
Today we went to Rodley Nature Reserve and it is absolutely beautiful πŸ™‚
We managed just over six miles today before our feet began to beg for mercy, and also, despite rain being forecast it held off – we actually saw sunshine at one point! Though thankfully not the Hell like temperatures of last week.

While we were out and about one of the rocks was found, and tagged on Instagram – which totally made my day!

It does make me wonder however what has happened to the other rocks?
Have they vanished forever? Never to be seen again?
And what of the copies of ‘Lost’? – are they too forever gone?

I hope that they resurface at some point, as I really liked that shark one πŸ™‚

I do know that I need to get painting some more rocks as I am quickly running out – so I think tomorrow I shall do just that.

Have a fab weekend folks.

And the lovely people that found my rock – thank you for letting me know πŸ™‚

Em x

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