Ten miles and done!

Today Paul and I have smashed ten miles and we are absolutely dead!

It has been a great walk though, despite our now aching feet and legs.
We started at Rodley again but walked in the opposite direction to last time. We did plan to go seven miles in, but rain was heading our way – so we walked five miles in and five miles back. I for one am glad we stopped at five miles in because I’m sure fourteen miles in total would have killed me off.

We have left rocks along the way (of course) and noticed on the trek back that they were gone, so hopefully they will have been tagged on my Facebook page and re-hidden.

It has been a fab day, but we are now ready to collapse in front of Netflix and not budge until bedtime.

10.1 miles
Five hours and 10 minutes
24,899 steps

My feet are now feeling every single one of those steps.

Have a great weekend folks 🙂

Em x

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