Last week I happened upon a documentary on Netflix called ‘Blackfish‘.
If you get a chance please watch it, as it will totally change your mind about paying / visiting sealife centres to watch these poor tortured Orcas.
The documentary covers the life of Tilikum, a performing Killer Whale that killed several people.
So why did Tilikum, and others attack the trainers?

Well, it’s probably because they were chased and dragged from the sea, taken away from their families, and dumped in a tank that is nowhere near big enough for such a large mammal!
They were then forced to perform tricks on command and starved if they didn’t learn them!
Not surprisingly these Orcas finally snapped!

Abuse is not entertainment!
Who gave these companies the right to take babies from their mother’s?
To leave them grieving?

Profit before life?

SeaWorld Orlando and many other places just like it should be ashamed of themselves.


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