Apperley Bridge

Today Paul and I have had a nice five mile walk, and this time decided to stop at Apperley Bridge Marina for an ice cream (and a pee) 🙃 well, when nature calls and all that 😁 We left another four of my painted rocks along the way, which people have kindly found and rehidden. We absolutely love it when the rocks are found and tagged on the Facebook page – it makes all of the time painting totally worth it 😍

Apperley Bridge Marina is so lovely, and I can imagine that living on the boats is incredibly peaceful. We have a pub near us that is somewhat interesting at closing time, and seriously distracting when you are trying to read in bed. So I bet it’s great to be away from all of that rowdiness.

We have decided to try somewhere new for our next walk – maybe Malham or the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. We absolutely love the Rodley Canal walk however, so will certainly be back.

Thank you to everyone that has found rocks and uploaded a pic, we genuinely do appreciate it ❤

Have a fab weekend,

Em x

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