Back to it…

I have been so busy lately with crafting and painting rocks for people to find and re-hide that I have totally neglected the book that I am currently working on (oops).
So today I have decided to down the brushes, clear my work space and make some much needed headway on said book.

‘NOW YOU SEE ME…’ is a thriller set in Whitby, North Yorkshire, and the last time that I wrote anything I had left Jade, my main character in a rather tricky situation! (sorry Jade)! Today’s plan is to rescue her from it.

Last night we had friends over for tea, as well as my brother and his fiancée, who have just returned from working and studying in Malaysia (it was so great to finally see them again) – so today we plan to do very little in regards to socialising – haha!!

I am also on the count down to my 40th birthday! 40! Seriously!
I’m not even sure where the years have gone – but 40! HAHAHAHA!!

Whatever your plans folks, have a good un 🙂

Em x

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