Naughty Forty

I have just celebrated my 40th birthday – YIKES!!
(let’s just whisper that one)

I have once again been spoilt rotten by my fab husband and I feel so lucky – he really has made my birthday so special.

Unfortunately Paul had to work on my birthday, but he gave me a beautiful silver locket before he went, which I have now added two of our wedding photos to – I absolutely love it!
I spent the morning shopping, where I treated myself to a new silver rainbow stone ring, perfume, a new dress and some pink nail polish – before heading back home to finish a few rocks that I had started painting.

I received some lovely cards and gifts from friends, which was so lovely and truly I am thankful.

When Paul came home from work he surprised me again with a brand new shiny pink laptop – OMG – a new external hard drive and Pizza Hut (my fave of faves!!) He had asked if I wanted to go out someplace, but I wasn’t fussed to be honest.
Without a doubt, Paul has made my birthday perfect 🙂

So thank you husband 🙂 I genuinely do appreciate you 🙂

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