Love is in the air…

Wow – January has been all about luuuuurve!

First we attended the wedding of two super friends, and then – oh boy – my little brother Ryan got hitched! I have never cried so many times in one day.
The bride (Etu) looked absolutely stunning!! and despite her family not being able to make it to the UK, (they celebrated at home in Bangladesh), she had a wonderful day. I have also gained a sister, and I could not be happier.

It was blooming freezing, but the day was just perfect.
If we sidestep the part where I fell UP the stairs on the way into the building (typical Emma). Ripped my dress and felt like a total moron.
Other than that is was AMAZING!

We all ate too much, drank too much and froze too much – but, hey, it’s a wedding, those calories don’t count!

I’m also back to writing after taking some time away to refresh my brain 🙂
So hopefully I’ll have something new to release soon.

Cannot believe that January is nearly over – though to be honest it has felt like a lifetime since Christmas. What happens in January? Do we fall into some kind of weird time vortex? It’s been so long since I last got paid that I almost feel unemployed – hahahaha!!

Rock sales are going well, which is awesome.
But I really must concentrate on this book now – I think I need to clone myself.

Whatever you are doing, stay safe, stay happy and see you in Feb 🙂

Em xx

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