Wow, it’s been an absolute age since I last posted anything, but I’ve just been so incredibly busy. With my rock page ‘Rocks by Em’ taking off really well, writing my book and starting a brand new job, I don’t seem to have had a spare minute – but, I’m back now!

I’m still busy working on my new book, and trying to find a spare weekend where Paul and I can visit Bardsey, so that I can take some photos and get a feel of the place for my book – we might even take a little picnic if the weather is nice.

I’m still busy painting rocks, which I absolutely love doing, and I’m getting stuck into the training for my new job, which I’m really enjoying.

I’m also trying to organise my time now between rock painting and writing so that I’m not too bogged down with everything, so I’m thinking I’ll have set days for painting etc.
Definitely need to get this book finished – it’s taking way too long.

Have a fab weekend as always 🙂

Em x

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