Hotter than…

Satan’s Balls!!!!

So we all survived the hottest day of the year, yes there were moans and grumbles (from me mostly) yes we all stressed about what to wear, if our deodorant would hold out, how the hell we would sleep at night, and wondered if it would be cooler if we could peel off our actual skin – but we did it! We survived!!

I for one am glad that the hotter than hot sunshine has buggered off, and I’m praying that it doesn’t make a dazzling return anytime soon. Give me Autumn and bobble hats, gloves and big fluffy scarves any day – not this hell heat that just makes you wilt and sweat and feel like giving up all hopes of ever being cool ever again.

It’s raining here – at last – and I didn’t even have to get naked (the world sighs in relief) and do some sort of crazy rain dance, though I did seriously contemplate it at one point – that would have been right around the time that I wondered why our bodies don’t come with zippers, then we could just unzip our overheated skin suit and put on a suitably light an refreshing air conditioned version instead.

Well done to all of us that worked in that heat – you deserve a medal – truly!

Happy Thursday.

Em xx

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