Amsterdam was a blast!

We had the best time ever in Amsterdam (even though it was 29 chuffin degrees, and we all know that the heat and I do not get along!) hee hee!!
The ferry crossing was fine, though it did take a little while for me to find my sea legs which made the first nights sleep a little dodgy – Paul was not affected at all – but he has sailed most of his life, whereas I once barfed on the Yorkshire Belle in Bridlington (maybe worth a Google to see how pathetic that is)!
The entertainment on the Ferry was brilliant! Even Potty the Pirate (for the kids)!!

Our trip around Amsterdam was great, though I think you definitely need longer than we were there to get around and see more. Naturally we headed to the red light district, which wasn’t as busy as I had expected – maybe it comes alive more at night?
We ate a Stroopwafel – absolutely lovely but sooooooooo sweet!!
Had the best ever tomato soup in a little cafe just beneath the Anne Frank house museum – I know, soup in 29 degree heat, but it was yummy!!
The sex museum was cheesy but fun and I’m glad we have ticked it off of our list.
We will most certainly be going back to take in the ‘normal’ sights, such as the Van Gogh museum, canal cruise, Anne Frank house, bicycle tour etc, but for our first venture there we wanted to see the cheeky bits ๐Ÿ™‚

The cyclists in Amsterdam are insaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaane!!! They do not stop for you or move out of your way, which takes a bit of getting used to – I was nearly squished a few times, so quickly learnt to move my butt out of the way hahahahahaha!!!!

We didn’t bother with the special cafe’s where you order a coffee and a side of weed – that’s not our thing, but it was interesting walking around with people just openly smoking spliffs – hey, whatever floats your boat.

We would definitely recommend Amsterdam as a break, but would also suggest going for longer than the day trip that we did.

Our next planned adventure?

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