Okay, it’s out there…

It’s now the day after the stressful moment that I pressed publish on Amazon, and to say I’m nervous and stressed would be a major understatement.
Will people like my book?
Will they even buy it?
What if they hate it?
The list of worries goes on and on and on and – okay, you get the idea.
The writers reading this totally get it – stress head!!!

Sales are going well, but I’m now having to force myself to do other things so that I don’t sit staring at my KDP reports like an absolute psycho!

Next of course will be the reviews – yikes!
It’s enough to make me consider hauling my own butt to the nearest asylum.
Reviews, good or bad, are THE most nerve wracking things to see.
When you open Amazon and see that the number of reviews has changed and you think giddily – ooh a new review, and then – I’ll make a cuppa before I read it. Make cuppa, still don’t read it, I’ll just put some laundry in and then I’ll look, on it goes until you know that you just need to bite the bullet and read it.
Why do we do this to ourselves!

I’ll keep you updated 🙂

Now You See Me… is available now on Amazon, kindle and Paperback.

Em xx

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