I love all of the reviews I get, the good the bad and the ugly (okay, maybe not so much the last two) but I do love getting them. It’s a lovely feeling to know that somebody enjoyed your book enough to leave a review or a star rating – I love both equally.
But, here’s a kicker! Why do Amazon suddenly pinch your stars from you?
I checked my ratings yesterday for NOW YOU SEE ME… 7 yummy little stars, but this morning – 6!!!!
A star has been star-knapped!
Now, in between this crime, I received a written review and a new star rating – putting me back to 7 – but where is the missing one right now? Why have Amazon taken it from me?
Have they done this before? Is it some kind of star killing spree?
It wasn’t a family member or any kind of relation that left this rating, so I am genuinely baffled.
Give me back my star!!

If you have enjoyed one of my books then I would love to hear from you.
I loves to receiving reviews, in fact, I love them more than those pesky rabbits love chomping on the carpet.

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