Daily challenge

It would appear that I am spending way too much time doing anything other that writing (yikes).
I have written a gazillion notes, I have written my blurb and synopsis, I have even written my thank you reader for the end of the book… but have I written nearly enough on my actual book? NOPE!
So, to that end I have set myself a little writing challenge.
I have printed off monthly calendars for the rest of the year and I am aiming for 200 words per day, knowing that the competitive side of me will want to smash that each day.
It’s totally working!
I’m enjoying filling in my calendar and seeing just how much I’ve beaten my target each day, and, this book is actually getting written. WINNER!
It’s okay to be stuck.
It’s okay to wonder what on earth you are doing.
It’s okay not to beat your target.
It’s also okay to set yourself a mini challenge and kick its butt!!

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