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Book 1

Whitby, North Yorkshire – idyllic, peaceful, picturesque,
until a storm blew into town.
Jade Locke had no desire to fall in love, she was happily single and living life her own way, until Eric Sawyer arrived!
Suave, sophisticated, successful!
Eric swept Jade off of her feet and the love that Jade had no time for, suddenly became everything to her.
Eric became everything to her.

How she would laugh at his random OCD moments and his little bursts of anger when she refused to follow his peculiar idiosyncrasies, after all, who really hangs up their clothes in colour order?
How she would nod with stars in her eyes when he kept her away from her friends, because they only needed each other, didn’t they?
How she would agree fully when he told her that she looked better without makeup, and that she should wear the clothes that he found her attractive in – he was the sophisticated one after all, so surely, he knew best? Right?

Yes, Eric was a charmer – but was he truly the man of Jade’s dreams, as he claimed to be?


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