Christmas Dinner

We plan for months just what we’ll eat,
Indecision over meat.
Will we add the humble sprout,
Who will sulk and cry and pout.
We eat until our buttons pop,
Appetites that just won’t stop.
Passing around the different sauces,
All the family swapping stories.
Then come out the ten desserts,
Glad I wore that stretchy skirt.
Not sure how I’ll get it down,
So much food stuff floating round.
Everyone stuffed unable to move,
But still we pick at the left over food.
We shall need a crane to move the guests,
Now that there is no food left.
Surely that’s it, there can be no more,
I ponder the actual width of our doors.
Could we possibly squeeze through them,
Before someone mentions pudding again!


Christmas Chronicles

Last Christmas was a quiet affair in the Beal household, and then we discovered The Christmas Chronicles on Netflix. What a fantastic movie! Now imagine our joy as yet another Christmas approaches and they have released The Christmas Chronicles 2!
If you haven’t seen this movie then you absolutely have to – Kurt Russell is amazing! I won’t give away any spoilers, but it is definitely worth a watch on Christmas day 🙂

Tier 3 for Christmas

So it looks like Leeds will be staying in Tier 3 for Christmas – yikes!
As we are already in this tier, I am not 100% sure what the actual changes are in regards to Christmas and family, but it looks like it is going to be a quiet one this year.
My husband, Paul, is super happy to learn that the barbers will be opening again – which is sad for me, I quite enjoyed being Bealy Todd, The Demoness Barber of Morley!
In regards to gifts, I am not sure how we are to hand out our presents to the family in a safe way – but I’m sure that we will think of something.

I wonder when we will be out of all of this?
When can we ditch the masks and stop giving the beady eye to our fellow humans if they stand too close to us?
When will people stop stockpiling loo roll?
When will we see mouths moving again during a conversation?
What will we do with all of the re-usable masks that we’ve bought?
How long will it take for people that stockpiled Andrex and hand sanitizer, to actually use all of it?
Will people carry on washing their hands properly – PLEASE SAY YES!, or will the shops see a dramatic fall in soap sales? Seriously!

When this is over, will we appreciate our freedom more?
Seeing our family and friends?
Will we appreciate the little things more?
The ability to just walk into a shop and not queue for a lifetime?
Not be scared to touch things when out shopping?
Being able to go for trips to the seaside again?
Not walking in the road to avoid people?
Will we still rely on home delivery as much?

I suppose with Christmas being a quiet one, I really have no excuse not to finish my next book – Asylum. So I best get on with it!

Speak soon,
Em x