Tier 3 for Christmas

So it looks like Leeds will be staying in Tier 3 for Christmas – yikes!
As we are already in this tier, I am not 100% sure what the actual changes are in regards to Christmas and family, but it looks like it is going to be a quiet one this year.
My husband, Paul, is super happy to learn that the barbers will be opening again – which is sad for me, I quite enjoyed being Bealy Todd, The Demoness Barber of Morley!
In regards to gifts, I am not sure how we are to hand out our presents to the family in a safe way – but I’m sure that we will think of something.

I wonder when we will be out of all of this?
When can we ditch the masks and stop giving the beady eye to our fellow humans if they stand too close to us?
When will people stop stockpiling loo roll?
When will we see mouths moving again during a conversation?
What will we do with all of the re-usable masks that we’ve bought?
How long will it take for people that stockpiled Andrex and hand sanitizer, to actually use all of it?
Will people carry on washing their hands properly – PLEASE SAY YES!, or will the shops see a dramatic fall in soap sales? Seriously!

When this is over, will we appreciate our freedom more?
Seeing our family and friends?
Will we appreciate the little things more?
The ability to just walk into a shop and not queue for a lifetime?
Not be scared to touch things when out shopping?
Being able to go for trips to the seaside again?
Not walking in the road to avoid people?
Will we still rely on home delivery as much?

I suppose with Christmas being a quiet one, I really have no excuse not to finish my next book – Asylum. So I best get on with it!

Speak soon,
Em x

New book alert

I gave myself a goal of writing four books this year, and I’ve nearly smashed my target as I have just released book 3! #RestingWitchFace – available at Amazon.
I have written nine books in total, have three ongoing and three that I will be re-writing – so plenty of projects to be getting on with.
I’m glad to have writing during lockdown because the days would be super long otherwise.
I have tried to keep some structure to my lockdown day so that I don’t lose my mind. I still get up at the same time on a morning as though I was going to work, I exercise first thing, then I clean up / do laundry, pop out for essentials if necessary, plan the tea, set up my laptop and do some more writing in the afternoon and watch the cheesy channel 5 movie. By the time the movie ends it’s time to get the tea on and wait for the hubs to get in from work.
Our house has never been tidier, I see a crumb and it is annihilated immediately.
I do feel sorry for my husband though, the second he walks in I chatter away like an absolute nutter. Poor guy. In my defence however I have only spoken to myself or inanimate objects all day and the conversation is somewhat one sided.
I am now working on the final chapters of Revo part 2, The Maddening and the finale to my ‘Winging It’ series. I’ll be happy enough if I manage to get one more of them finished and published by the end of 2020 – target complete.
Stay sane folks 🤗

#RestingWitchFace – Amazon.co.uk

#RestingWitchFace – Amazon.com

Isolation Hair-Do/Don’t

I’m most definitely not Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, but I am fairly certain that my husband believed me to be somewhat possessed as I waved the hair clippers in his face.

Needs must however.

Hairdressers have crazy mad skills don’t they! Never again will I sit in the hair salon and not appreciate the mental skills that these men and women have.

It is not easy folks. I even watched tutorials on YouTube and everything!

I was so convinced that I could trim my husbands hair like they do at the barbers, that I ordered the best hair cutting scissors that I could find – but bloody hell, one snip and I was like ‘oh hell no! We’ ll just shave the lot, yeah?’

It’s scary. And 100% not as easy as it looks.

I am proud of my hair shaving skills however, and am happy to say that the hubs can still show his face in public without any humiliation whatsoever. I also wasn’t prepared to have  ‘the missus butchered my bonce‘ on our divorce papers either. 

I am sure that Paul is praying for the barbers to reopen, and I am also going to need to apologise in advance to said barber for attempting to be Vidal Sassoon.


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