Uh Oh!

Annoyingly my laptop is on it’s way out, which has momentarily put the brakes on my new book. I’m not even sure how my lappy has ended up in this unfortunate state – but the hinges have broken and exposed wires, which have in turn become trapped and now all manner of things refuse to… Read More Uh Oh!

Mini Meltdown

So last night I went to bed stressing about how to stop the rabbits going behind the new sofas, and I could think of nothing that I could do about it as I drifted off – but this morning, with a lovely crick in my neck from not sleeping properly – due to thinking about… Read More Mini Meltdown

Come on in…

The headline of a news article that I came across recently reads as follows: ‘People are furiously debating whether it’s ‘anti-feminist’ for men to open doors for women‘ And I have to ask, who are the people that are debating this simple act of politeness?What is the alternative – you get a door bouncing off… Read More Come on in…

Revo Rhymes

Just for a bit of fun, Paul and I decided to put together a cheeky little booklet for Geoff and Anita at Revo Vapes (see main image). The booklet follows the story of the Morley zombies, but this time in rhyme 🙂 as well as advertising Revo and it’s services. We are both incredibly pleased… Read More Revo Rhymes