Please – snow more :/

So I decided to head out and clear the snow from the carpark so that my husband could get his car in (major issues with this the previous evening) and I had only intended to do our spot – buuuuuut, it began to bother me that the now clear patch was not symmetrical, so I cleared the parking space beside it too, and squared it off nicely, then it bothered me that the path outside was not clear – so I cleared that also. Then I worried that the path would be too slippy for the elderly to walk on, so yes, I cleared that too!
Four hours later and I was immensely pleased with my hard work, my body however was not so pleased with me the following morning – OUCH!
I did however meet some lovely people, and one even offered to buy me a hot sandwich for my dinner πŸ™‚
I also had some great ideas for a new book that I am currently plotting – so all in all (despite my aching muscles) it was a worthwhile venture.
I am hanging up my snow shovel for now though, and I hope that no snow falls again anytime soon.

Happy Anniversary

Today Paul and I have been married for eleven years! And as Paul says, he probably would have been given less time for murder (hee hee)!
So many funny little things happened on our wedding day – I forgot to put my stockings on, so my mum had to climb under my huge wedding dress with its gazillion layers of netting and put them on for me. (also, peeing is definitely a two woman job in a wedding dress).
Paul sent his best man all the way back to our home so that he could pick up Paul’s mobile phone – not sure who he was planning to answer the phone to, mid vows.
I got the train of my wedding dress stuck in the car door and ended up with a big black greasy blob on my white dress – yikes!
I panicked for weeks leading up to the big day that I would trip over on my walk down the aisle – I needn’t have bothered worrying, because I did trip anyway – oops! Thankfully it wasn’t a massive tumble and I recovered it nicely.
A random person took a photograph of Paul and I, which makes me wonder – where is that photo now?
My Grandad threw confetti over us before the photographer was ready and he was fuming (hee hee) but we thought it was hilarious, and it is actually my favourite photo of the entire day (pictured). We were at the point where smiling for photos was becoming a little forced, so it was perfect timing.
Had we married the week after, as we originally planned, it would have snowed at our winter wedding 😦
We forgot to cut the cake before we went off on our mini honeymoon – my dad text me to let me know and we had to cut it when we got back.
Despite the little hiccups it was a fantastic day, and just proves that there is no point worrying, if something is going to go wrong, it will go wrong – it’s all about enjoying the moment and not stressing about the small things.
Here’s to another eleven years – unless he kills me first πŸ™‚ hahahaha πŸ™‚

Snowflake Trek

At work we are currently competing in a walking competition ‘Snowflake Trek’ and my legs are killing me!
So our team need to walk 240,000 steps by Christmas Eve to have completed the snowflake shaped trail.
The only thing is, your steps are averaged out across your team mates, so if they don’t also do their allotted 10k steps per day then you don’t move very far across said snowflake, and it’s a challenge when you are working from the sofa.
Luckily we have a great team and are on track to complete it well before Christmas Eve, as we have pushed past our daily goal to achieve decent results. We are currently in 4th place out of sixteen teams, which is great – though, if I do not emerge from this challenge looking like Lara Croft I will not be pleased :/
I have on my daily walk come across three times now a man with the cutest spaniels, and each time I stop and fuss them I worry that I am becoming the crazy woman that he must now avoid at all costs hahaha!! Maybe I should consider a different route to remove any possible awkwardness, but I really do love those dogs.
Anyway, the weekend is upon us, and I know that I can smash the steps again tomorrow (Saturday), but I am literally a sloth on a Sunday, so that’s going to be difficult.
Whatever you are doing, have a fab weekend,
Em x

Tier 3 for Christmas

So it looks like Leeds will be staying in Tier 3 for Christmas – yikes!
As we are already in this tier, I am not 100% sure what the actual changes are in regards to Christmas and family, but it looks like it is going to be a quiet one this year.
My husband, Paul, is super happy to learn that the barbers will be opening again – which is sad for me, I quite enjoyed being Bealy Todd, The Demoness Barber of Morley!
In regards to gifts, I am not sure how we are to hand out our presents to the family in a safe way – but I’m sure that we will think of something.

I wonder when we will be out of all of this?
When can we ditch the masks and stop giving the beady eye to our fellow humans if they stand too close to us?
When will people stop stockpiling loo roll?
When will we see mouths moving again during a conversation?
What will we do with all of the re-usable masks that we’ve bought?
How long will it take for people that stockpiled Andrex and hand sanitizer, to actually use all of it?
Will people carry on washing their hands properly – PLEASE SAY YES!, or will the shops see a dramatic fall in soap sales? Seriously!

When this is over, will we appreciate our freedom more?
Seeing our family and friends?
Will we appreciate the little things more?
The ability to just walk into a shop and not queue for a lifetime?
Not be scared to touch things when out shopping?
Being able to go for trips to the seaside again?
Not walking in the road to avoid people?
Will we still rely on home delivery as much?

I suppose with Christmas being a quiet one, I really have no excuse not to finish my next book – Asylum. So I best get on with it!

Speak soon,
Em x