Q&A #9

What profession does not get enough credit? Funerals ⚰️ When the snow was very bad a few years back, Look … More

Q&A #8

Do I collect anything? Yes… Coins πŸ’° My collection is only really a year or so old, and it seems no … More

Q&A #7

What weird things do I do when I’m home alone?

Q&A #6

What do I find fascinating yet slightly gross? Embalming! πŸ’‰πŸ§΄βš°οΈ I fully respect the career that my husband has chosen … More

Q&A #5

What was the last thing I Googled?  Bedlam Asylum! 😱 My current work in progress is centred around a mental … More

Q&A #4

What series am I currently binge watching? The Sons of Anarchy! This series is absolutely brilliant, and being a fan … More

Q&A #3

What did I believe for far too long as a child?  1) Wood panel cars come flat packed πŸš™This goes … More

Q&A #2

Creepiest film I’ve watched? 😱 Okay, there are a few nutjob films on this list for me:The Exorcist, Texas Chainsaw … More

Q&A #1

What are my biggest kitchen fails? πŸ‘Ž 1) Poached Eggs – while I’ve never claimed to be a domestic goddess, … More