Winging It – series – price drop!

So, Amazon have done that thing again – you know the one – where they randomly drop the price of my books? Yep – the whole Winging It series (paperback) is now reduced.
(UK only I think).

Also, good news – I have officially started writing the finale to my Winging It series:
Book 5 – Decadently Discontinued.
It’s going to be a good one 🙂

Asylum – update

So I reckon I have around twenty hours worth of writing to do before draft one of Asylum is complete, as I have made some serious headway this weekend.
I genuinely will be glad when this particular book is finished, as it’s been quite challenging to write.
My books are normally funny, sarcastic, light-hearted (with the exception of Relentless) but even Relentless wasn’t as hard to write as this one.
I suppose the difficulty is due to this book being a lot darker than I would normally write, and I have struggled with just how dark a book can be without it being too deranged, but I think I now have the balance right.
I will be proud of myself once it’s completed, but also glad that this particular journey will be over.

Books Galore!

Busy busy busy at the moment! I currently have five books on the go, though I’m closer to finishing ‘Asylum’ than I am the others. I have notes galore and even fall asleep thinking about story lines!
I will be glad to have ‘Asylum’ finished, because it has quite frankly been a bugger to write. 😕
So, soon (hopefully) to be released are:
1) Asylum
2) Decadently Discontinued – the final instalment in Tiffany series
3) Revenge – part 2 to ‘Relentless’ – Red Mist series
4) Soulmate – book 1 in ‘Too Hot to Handle’ – ⭐NEW SERIES⭐
5) This job sucks!
Wish me luck, because my brain is going to need it. 🤯
And thank you, as always, for your continued support. ❤

Tiffany is on Instagram!

I absolutely love my Martini sipping character, Tiffany Delamarre from my Deliciously Deceased – Winging It – Series, so much so, that I have made her into a physical character!
I am also crazy about Barbie, so this particular one seemed the perfect choice, and I think she’s a pretty good match.
I have lots of plans for our rather annoying yet wonderful Tiff, so please check out her Instagram page – link below, to see what she’s getting up to, and also to see excerpts from the books 🙂