Please – snow more :/

So I decided to head out and clear the snow from the carpark so that my husband could get his car in (major issues with this the previous evening) and I had only intended to do our spot – buuuuuut, it began to bother me that the now clear patch was not symmetrical, so I cleared the parking space beside it too, and squared it off nicely, then it bothered me that the path outside was not clear – so I cleared that also. Then I worried that the path would be too slippy for the elderly to walk on, so yes, I cleared that too!
Four hours later and I was immensely pleased with my hard work, my body however was not so pleased with me the following morning – OUCH!
I did however meet some lovely people, and one even offered to buy me a hot sandwich for my dinner 🙂
I also had some great ideas for a new book that I am currently plotting – so all in all (despite my aching muscles) it was a worthwhile venture.
I am hanging up my snow shovel for now though, and I hope that no snow falls again anytime soon.